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Welcome to KURIO, the 1st interactive store where culture and design meet.

Enjoy the cultural experience whilst browsing through the many items available on this website.

The Story

Having moved from country to country, learnt languages and integrated in other cultures, our personal experience has made us admire the many differences and similarities worldwide.

Different countries bring with them different designs and styles merged with cultural heritage. The quality and care used to create these products is sourced by the creator's superb handicraft and their passion for their products. The products available on this site have been individually selected and inspected by us at KURIO because we are passionate about offering excellent quality products to our customers.

KURIO is a store offering products from various countries, but simultaneously it is also an interactive store that enables you to have influence on the items on offer.
How does it work? Send suggestions of items you desire, for example those you've seen whilst on your travels, and they may be posted as the next new arrival!

KURIO's personal touch allows the business to remain pure, simple and transparent.

KURIO; a place where culture & design meet!

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